16-22 November 2015

L'Alternativa Hall

Hall Invites


Two sessions on interactive web documentaries, a new form of filming reality that “goes beyond the filmmaking paradigm and explores the fertile terrain of the internet” (J.M. Català).

Session 1 (45') 17/11 18.15 h

Reality changes and the tools for examining and representing it change too. By expanding the scope of creative documentary making, we can explore aspects of reality in a new way. Under the overarching concept of the essay, we can combine devices such as webdocs, closely related installations, animated documentaries, documentary graphic novels and other transmedia formats. The final result is almost a form of visual writing.

Presentation: Josep Maria Català (UAB)

In collaboration with:

Session 2 (15') 22/11 18 h

A webdoc is an interactive documentary that makes use of a wide range of multimedia tools (videos, images, animation and questionnaires) to actively engage spectators. As users navigate their way through the documentary, their decisions and their answers to questions shape how the story unfolds. This interactive documentary experience is created by multidisciplinary team who research the subject matter, write the screenplay, shoot the footage and carry out post production.

Presentation: Neus Ballús (UPF)

In collaboration with:

Isabel Herguera and Izibene Oñederra (53') 21/11 19 h

Two international trailblazers in the world of experimental animated filmmaking, two artists whose work embodies what might be called the “Arteleku spirit” in terms of their collaborative scope and eminently personal style.

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