La benedizione degli animali
(The Animals' Blessing)

Cosimo Terlizzi

Country: Switzerland / Italy
Year: 2013
Format: Digital
Length: 7 min
Image: Colour
Language: No dialogue

Producer: Cosimo Terlizzi, Traffic Gallery, Damien Modolo
Screenplay: Cosimo Terlizzi
Photography: Daniele Pezzi
Editor: Daniele Pezzi, Cosimo Terlizzi
Sound: Daniele Pezzi, Cosimo Terlizzi
Actors: Cosimo Terlizzi, the farm animals




A stranger collecting rabbits' feet, skulls and cow horns threatens the peace of an untidy farm. Death seems nigh, but instead a blessing takes place to celebrate the beauty of life.


  1. International Film Festival Rotterdam
  2. Les ren­con­tres inter­na­tionales de Paris
  3. Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg
  4. Sicilia Queer Film Fest
  5. Environmental Film Festival at Yale