Minore / Μινόρε (Minore)

Yiorgos Nalpantidis

Country: Greece
Year: 2014
Format: Digital
Length: 5 min
Image: Colour
Language: No dialogue

Producer: Yiorgos Nalpantidis
Editor: Yiorgos Nalpantidis
Sound: Yiorgos Nalpantidis

Contact: gnalpan@gmail.com



A found-footage film consisting mostly of family movie clips, inspired by Smyrneiko Minore, a Greek traditional song first recorded in 1918. An attempt at a vague description of something lost.


  1. 16è Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris 2014
  2. 31st Kassel Documentary and Video Festival 2014