18 - 24 November 2013
Finisterrae (Sergio Caballero)

L'Alternativa Parallel

20 years of l'Alternativa

Sergio Caballero
Spain, 2010
Vídeo | 80 min | Colour | Catalan, Russian, German | VOSE

Producer company: Advanced Music / Eddie Saeta / Sónar Festival
Production: Ventura Barba, Luis Miñarro
Screenplay: Sergio Caballero
Photography: Eduard Grau
Editor: Martí Roca
Music: Jimi Tenor, Sergio Caballero
Sound: Jonathan Darch, Jordi Juncadella
Actors: Pau Nubiola, Santí Serra, Claudia Schneider, Rosanna Walls

20 years of l'Alternativa » L'Alternativa Parallel
Filmoteca de Catalunya
Friday 29
22:00 h


Two ghosts who, tired of wandering through limbo, decide to take the Way of Saint James to the end of the world (Finisterre) so they can begin a fleeting, earthly journey through the land of the living. They have to confront unexpected situations, battle with their own fears and struggle with the obstacles of their own phantasmagorical condition.


Screened at

L'Alternativa 2010


Eddie Saeta