Small Experiments

Mise en plis

For the first time, l'Alternativa has joined forces with El Meu Primer Festival to create an educational project designed to help foster more active, aware and thoughtful filmgoers.

Small Experiments features a series of animations that experiment with different techniques, play with the narrative or have a sharp sense of humour. Origami animals, painted animation, stop motion and 3D. Surrealist, fun or fond stories from cult filmmakers and up-and-coming young authors. A session for young and old to give your imagination free rein and let yourself be carried away.

The session will be presented by an animator, who will introduce the session and ask questions at the end to get the children involved. All participants will be given a strip of shots from the short films so they can vote for the ones they liked best.

Recommended age: 5 upwards.


78 Tours (78 RPM)
Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland)

A Child's Metaphysics
Koji Yamamura (Japan)

R. Andreani, C. Barras, D. Delachaux-Lambert , G. Schwitzgebel, C. Luyet (Switzerland)

Cocoon Child
Sonja Rohleder (Germany)

Davy Crockett in Outer Space
Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata, David Cowles (United States)

Mise en plis (Paper Folds - The Bear)
Frederic Clemençon, Christophe Barrier (France)

Mise en plis (Paper Folds - The Horse)
Frederic Clemençon, Christophe Barrier (France)

Mise en plis (Paper Folds - The Snails)
Frederic Clemençon, Christophe Barrier (France)

Murphy's Shorts
Todd Hemker (United States)

Nicolas & Guillemette
Virginie Taravel (France)

Panique au Village, le grand sommeil (Panic in the Town - The Great Dream)
Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar (Belgium)