Roundtable. Mexican Filmmaking, Achievements and Contradictions

Frida naturaleza viva

Debate and thoughts on the history and evolution of Mexican filmmaking, which in the last decade has seen a surge in young filmmakers eager to explore new languages and forge their own reality in images.

Arturo Ripstein, a key reference for these young filmmakers, and Ricardo Benet, one of these budding talents who in his own words “is convinced that filmmaking remains both an art and the collective imagination of a people”, will talk about the ups and downs of Mexican filmmaking.

According to Ricardo Benet, since the 1960s Mexican filmmaking has been a chain of individual efforts that has created a style, current and industry. What in the 1980s appeared to be an emerging New Mexican Cinema was felled by official cultural ineptitude. In the 1990s some survivors and new arrivals tried to put some of the pieces back together and sought out past references. When international fame arrived with Iñárritu, Del Toro and Cuarón, overseas there was talk of a rebirth in Mexican filmmaking, but their work has become simply another effective globalised product rather than a search for a true Mexican imagination.

This roundtable complements and expands the parallel section Mexican Cinema. Shared Visions to explore the references of Mexican filmmaking that have inspired the current generation of filmmakers.


Arturo Ripstein, film director
Ricardo Benet, film director
Paz Alicia Garciadiego, screenwriter

In collaboration with Consulado de México, AeroMéxico and Casa Amèrica Catalunya.

Thursday 18 November, 7.30 pm
CCCB Sala Mirador

Free admission
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