18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022




The world is a mysterious place when seen through the eyes of an animal. Eo, a grey donkey with melancholic eyes, meets good and bad people on his path through life. He experiences joy and pain as the wheel of fate turns good fortune into disaster and despair into unexpected bliss. But not for a moment does he ever lose his innocence.
Veteran Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski shows us the world through a donkey’s eyes and creates a modern-day fable about the violence in contemporary society.


Jerzy Skolimowski (Łódź, 1938) graduated in ethnology, literature and history from the University of Warsaw and studied at the National Film School in Łódź. His more than twenty films include Le Départ (1967), winner of a Golden Bear at the Berlinale; The Shout (1978), winner of a Palme d'Or at Cannes; and The Lightship (1985), winner of Best Director at Venice. He was honoured with a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at Venice in 2016. EO had its world premiere at Cannes, where it won the Jury Prize, and is Poland’s contender for the 2023 Oscar race for Best International Feature.

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