15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo



The boarding house at the intersection of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo streets in Mexico City, run by the director's grandmother, Rosa Carbajal, hides some riveting secrets. Twenty years ago, Jorge Riosse moved in as a young lodger and soon became Rosa's closest friend and confidant. Over the following decade, he charmed everyone he met, but his sudden death revealed a more unsavoury side to his character, hidden behind the tightly shut doors to his room. Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo offers an insightful sketch of two lonely characters who, in spite of themselves, became strangely entwined.


Yulene Olaizola (Mexico City, 1983) has a range of documentary and feature films under her belt. Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo, her graduate film from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, was screened at l'Alternativa 2009 and has garnered international acclaim and picked up several awards. As a screenwriter, producer, editor and director, she has won a number of grants to make films that have been screened at festivals around the world: Paraísos Artificiales (2011), Fogo (2012, presented at the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes), Epitafio (2015, codirected with Rubén Imaz) and Selva Trágica (2020).

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