15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Les Films rêvés



One day, a filmmaker has a dream in which he makes a film containing all the films he has ever dreamed of making. Les Films rêvés is, above all, a film about the pleasure of telling stories, when imagination gives free rein to invention. This celebratory feature film seems to bring together great voyagers with those who imagined great voyages. Alongside them, the narrator dives deep into his memory to release ideas that might once have become a film but remained unused—desires we now see crystallised through the evocative power of words and pictures.


Theatre, ethnography and filmmaking: three words that feature prominently in the career of Eric Pauwels (Antwerp, 1953), who has a PhD in filmmaking from the Sorbonne and lectured for many years at the INSAS. After studying under Jean Rouch, he went on to write and direct films of his own, creating ethnographic pieces and fashioning formats close to videodance and hybrids with other performing arts. At l'Alternativa 2017 he presented his "Trilogie de la cabane" (Cabin Trilogy), made up of Lettre d’un cineaste à sa fille (2000), Les Films revés (2010) i La Deuxième Nuit (2016). El conjunt d’aquests films constitueix una de les propostes més personals i estimulants que ha generat el cinema recent.