15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021


Mentoring projects


Following the death of her father in a diving accident in 2020, after eight years of zero contact with him, the filmmaker set off in search of healing by visiting the house, now up for sale, where she saw him last, at the end of an argument when she was twelve.


Alicia Moncholí (Oviedo, 1998) is an independent filmmaker who lives and works in Spain. She recently completed her degree in image and film at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC). Her latest project as screenwriter and director, the short documentary No quiero más, has been screened at over twenty festivals, including the Festival Internacional de Lebu, Festival Internacional de Zaragoza, Brain Film Fest, Festival Internacional de Manlleu (Special Mention) and the Festival Internacional de Navarra (Melitón Prize), as well as this year's l'Alternativa.