Mexican Cinema

Mexican Cinema

This year, in collaboration with Ricardo Benet, whose highly acclaimed first feature film, Noticias lejanas, won a clutch of awards, we present a selection of fiction and documentary feature films that reveal the myriad of different ways in which these filmmakers forge their reality through images, drawing from tradition and employing different resources to create very personal languages to describe the reality of Mexican life today.

In Ricardo Benet’s own words: “Perhaps what the latest generation of Mexican filmmakers have in common is our love of reality. I think we’re learning to champion not only an idiosyncratic way of seeing things, but also our own narrative time. There’s a kind of terrible distance in our way of seeing the world, as if somewhere between contemplation and silence we find the right word or image to help fill the chaotic void of being Mexican, and a filmmaker, in the 21st century.”


Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo (Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's Private Matters)
Yulene Olaizola (Mexico)

Los Bastardos (The Bastards)
Amat Escalante (Mexico)

Los herederos (The Heirs)
Eugenio Polgovsky (Mexico)

Los ladrones viejos (Las leyendas del Artegio) (The Old Thieves (Legends of Artegio))
Everardo González (Mexico)

Mi vida dentro (My Life Inside)
Lucía Gajá (Mexico)

Noticias lejanas (News from Afar)
Ricardo Benet (Mexico)