Mexican Cinema

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Los Bastardos (The Bastards)
Amat Escalante
Mexico, 2008
35mm | 90min. | Colour
Production: Mantarraya, Gabriel Abraham ([email protected])

Photography: Matt Uhry
Editor: Ayhan Ergürsel, Amat Escalante
Screenplay: Amat Escalante, Martín Escalante
Music: Alejandro de Icaza
Actors: Jesús Moisés Rodríguez, Rubén Sosa, Nina Zavarin

Twenty-four hours in the lives of Fausto and Jesús, two undocumented Mexican day-labourers in LA. Every day another task; every day the same pressure to find money. They go about their daily routine, standing on the corner at the Home Improvement Store waiting for work. Today the job they're given is well paid compared to their usual miserly wages: today Jesús has a shotgun in his backpack.


Mejor Largometraje Mexicano - Festival de Cine de Morelia 2008
Mejor Película Nuevas Visiones - Festival de Cine de Sitges 2008
Mejor Película Latinoamericana - Festival de Mar de Plata 2008
Mejor Director - Festival Internacional de Cine de Bratislava 2008