Retrospective. Dalila Ennadre

Dalila Ennadre

The 1990s saw the rise of a new generation of young Arab filmmakers who have made a series of films rich in filmic language and full of sharp observations on Arab countries. The Moroccan documentary-maker Dalila Ennadre forms part of this new generation – a new face and a new style. Her documentaries, including El Batalett, Femmes de la Médina, look at questions of gender and give women a place and voice.

In Dalila Ennadre’s own words: "My aim is to build bridges between people and help them get to know each other. I think ignorance lies behind the fear and exclusion that lead to conflict, racism and all forms of ostracism. I think it’s important to work in this direction and I try to use my films to create a universal language to describe everything that connects people with life.”


El Batalett, femmes de la médina (El Batalett, Women from the Medina)
Dalila Ennadre (France / Morocco)

Fama... une héroïne sans gloire (Fama... a Heroine without Glory)
Dalila Ennadre (France)

J'ai tant aimé... (I Loved So Much...)
Dalila Ennadre (France)

Je voudrais vous raconter (Let Me Tell You)
Dalila Ennadre (France)

La caravane de Mé Aïcha (Mé Aïcha's Caravan)
Dalila Ennadre (France)