15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

EXPanded Cinema



We kick off this year’s l’Alternativa Hall screenings with a session on the weird and wonderful world of celluloid, bursting with creative and radical potential. A unique opportunity to see Eduardo Filippi and Bérénice Courtin’s one-off live projector performance De-coded.

De-coded Tuesday 16 November, 7 pm


Second World War. A machine to break Nazi codes. As a group of Polish, French, English and Spanish resistance fighters sets out to hasten the end of the war, little do they realise that they have just invented a prototype computer. A hidden story lost in the mists of time brought to light by a forgotten family drama.

Film performance by Eduardo Filippi and Bérénice Courtin with live music by Lea Eller, Opuku and Daniel Moreno Manzano.

Eduardo Filippi is an architect, performer and filmmaker who carries out his creative work in different fields of architecture, art, design and film. He currently works in Barcelona as project coordinator at Zumzeig and is actively involved with a number of multidisciplinary projects. He popped into l'Alternativa Hall two years ago to present Frazada and Renaixança.

Bérénice Courtin is a multidisciplinary artist with a keen interest in textile, audiovisual and performance art and a range of experience in immersive theatre, video art and installations. She is currently working on a project linked to her grandfather, Kazimierz Gaca, who was a member of the Polish resistance during the Second World War, as part of an experimental research process. She is also member of the London-based immersive theatre group Undergrowth Collective, whose work explores social and environmental issues.