15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Carla Simón Masterclass



Lucky Mistakes

Directing fiction is like playing God. Take by take, directors create a world for themselves where everything is of their making. But how can we bring their creations to life?

The screenplay is our guide, our north, our ally, but it can also neuter creative urges and stifle spontaneity. The dilemma is knowing when to hew closely to the screenplay and when to toss it aside so that our world can come alive of its own accord.

An impressive shoot might be required to tell certain stories, but it can also have unwanted consequences on the way we go about filming. How can we shelter our creation from so much noise? And, above all, how and where should we place the camera to capture sparks of serendipity?

Carla Simón has none of the answers but knows full well that carefully managing the relationships between actors, both professional and natural, is a surefire way to encourage magical moments, lucky mistakes and the unexpected to emerge—for life to blossom before the camera. In this masterclass, she will explore some of the processes involved in casting and rehearsing, as well as working with actors on a shoot. As Jacques Doillon might say, “you make sure to leave enough space room for spontaneity when writing the screenplay.”

This masterclass ties in with the parallel section Satellites: Carla Simón, featuring films made or programmed by Carla Simón.

Carla Simón will also be running the Inside Cinema activity as part of the Film Schools section.


  • Saturday 20 November, 5 pm to 7 pm
  • Sala Raval, CCCB
  • Standard onsite rate: €12
  • Accredited professionals or members of AMMAC (onsite): €10
  • Standard online rate: €10
  • Accredited professionals or members of AMMAC (online): €8
  • No prior knowledge is required
  • The masterclass will be given in Spanish
  • You can sign up to do this activity onsite or online
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