18 - 24 November 2013
It's Such a Beautiful Day (Don Hertzfeldt)

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It's Such a Beautiful Day
Don Hertzfeldt
United States, 2012
Vídeo | 62 min | Colour | English | VOSC

Production: Don Hertzfeldt
Screenplay: Don Hertzfeldt
Photography: Don Hertzfeldt
Animation: Don Hertzfeldt
Editor: Brian Hamblin, Don Hertzfeldt
Sound: Don Hertzfeldt

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A mix of black-and-white drawings, basic stop-motion, film and photo inserts, a detached narration and a very inventive soundtrack, Hertzfeldt's feature debut surrounds its troubled hero, Bill, with a droll cosmology, in which eccentric, everyday detail shares protagonism with reminders of our place in the universe. The results are funny, affecting and very personal.


Don Hertzfeldt's (Fremont, 1976) short films have been screened and won awards worldwide. Billy's Balloon (1998) was screened at l'Alternativa, followed by Rejected (2000), also nominated for an Academy Award. Hertzfeldt self-produces and self-distributes all his own films and refuses to do commercial work. 



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