18 - 24 November 2013
Aula Magna (Andrés Denegri)

L'Alternativa Official

GAC Prize for Best Screenplay at l'Alternativa

For the first time, Guionistes Associats de Catalunya is awarding the GAC Prize for Best Screenplay at the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l'Alternativa.

This year, at the 20th edition of the Festival, there will be two new prizes: ¤900 for best feature film screenplay and ¤400 for best short film screenplay.

The jury for this new prize will be made up of three members of GAC: Toni Cama Llordés, Marçal Cebrian Jubany and Eduard Sola Guerrero.

Announced by GAC's board of directors, this prize is possible thanks to finance from SGAE's regional board in Catalonia.

Aula Magna (Andrés Denegri)