11 - 19 November 2011
Petits experiments

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Small Experiments

L'Alternativa and El Meu Primer Festival have teamed up for a second time to put on this educational initiative to help foster more active, aware and thoughtful filmgoers.

This year we present a selection of contemporary short films made with different animation techniques starring robots, animals, toys and other strange creatures. Some push artistic and experimental boundaries, while others have a healthy sense of humour, but as a whole they offer an insight into the range of different resources and styles currently used to make animations: from stop-motion shorts and animated objects to computer animation and animated drawings and paintings. Although there is no dialogue, all these short films make extensive use of music and sounds. A rich, varied selection to thrill young and old.

Recommended age: 5 upwards
All projections in video. All films with no dialogue.

In collaboration with El Meu Primer Festival.

Petits experiments

Selected Films

Sorry, I'm Late
Tomas Mankovsky (United Kingdom)

Der große Bruder (The Elder Brother)
Jesús Pérez, Elisabeth Hüttermann (Germany / Switzerland)

Don’t Let It All Unravel
Sarah Cox (United Kingdom)

Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina)

Electric Car
Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata (United States)

Damaged Goods
Barnaby Bardford (United Kingdom)

Don’t go
Turgut Akacik (Turkey)

Kirsten Lepore (United States)

Volgens de vogels (According to Birds)
Linde Faas (Netherlands)

Stefano Bertelli (Italy)