11 - 19 November 2011
Secciones Paralelas

Parallel Sections


The Parallel Sections aim to raise filmgoers' awareness of independent filmmaking's rich aesthetic and cultural history.

These sections screen work by up-and-coming filmmakers alongside retrospectives, tributes, unknown films by acclaimed directors and work by unfamiliar names that offer fresh voices and representations of the world to enrich us and spark our imagination.

Above all, they present a wide-ranging vision of work that isn't afraid to break conventions in pursuit of personal writing and creative freedom. Needed now more than ever, these films are a powerful weapon, a window onto other values and different attitudes far removed from the official line.

On our website you'll find information on several Parallel Sections at l'Alternativa 2011: Visions of the South. Argentinean Documentary Filmmaking, Small Experiments, Translations: Independent Documentary Filmmaking in Turkey, Storyteller. Patricio Guzmán, Panorama and Alain Cavalier, who will be at the Festival in person.

Secciones Paralelas