11 - 19 November 2011

Hall Screen

Image Didactics

OverGround Raval
Mohamed Enfedal Abdelkarim, Kelvin Ariel Tapia Zombrano, Said Aziz Yahyaoui, Mohamed Fadily, Qiao Qiao Chen, Cintuche Mouzen, Hamid Chadan, Sandeep Kaur, Ming Jjiao Lu.
Spain, 2010
DV (DVCAM - MiniDV) PAL | 4min. | Spanish

Production: Colectivo Circés: Eva Cruells, Raquel Garcia Muñoz, Alessandra Caporale
Actors: Mohamed Enfedal Abdelkarim, Cintuche Mouzen, Ming Jiao Lu, Said Aziz Yahyaoui, Hamid Chadan, Sandeep Kaur.



(Trailer – film seeking finance) Various people describe their disenchantment with the ‘dream of Europe’ built up over years through television, advertising and film.