11 - 19 November 2011

Hall Screen

Image Didactics

Initiatives that work with audiovisual education and training as a tool for knowledge, exchange, reflection and criticism.

Colectivo Circes

Their participatory methodology draws on participants' experience to help empower them and let them play an active role in transforming their environment. Colectivo Circes.

Bajo el mismo cielo (Under the Same Sky)
Cintuche, Fadily, Mingjiao, Qhiaoqhiao, Kelvin, Aziz, Sharraf, Phon (Spain)

OverGround Raval
Mohamed Enfedal Abdelkarim, Kelvin Ariel Tapia Zombrano, Said Aziz Yahyaoui, Mohamed Fadily, Qiao Qiao Chen, Cintuche Mouzen, Hamid Chadan, Sandeep Kaur, Ming Jjiao Lu. (Spain)


Asociación cultural Finmatun

Finmatun uses art as a two-way tool for social change: artistic creation in socially deprived contexts as a tool for intercultural dialogue and cohesion and bringing another kind of "culture" to a non-specialist public.

Rodrigo (Spain)

Frontera (Border)
Esteban Crucci, Toni Mira (Spain)

Lapses H
Esteban Crucci, Toni Mira (Spain)

Me emocionaré (I'll Get Excited)
Seydi (Spain)

No me llames Dolores
Juancito (Spain)

Soledad (Loneliness)
Queipo (Spain)

Sonidos (Sounds)
Kamal (Spain)

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Asociación transFORMAS / Cia. teatroDentro

transFORMAS association is made up of people in custody and people working in the field of performing and audiovisual arts. They share experiences and knowledge in Quatre Camins prison.

These short films were made with the support of the Institut national de l'audiovisuel (France) within the framework of the European project "Borders: inside/outside". Sponsored by the European Commission's Grundtvig Programme and La Fundació "La Caixa".

Acknowledgments: Quatre Camins Prison and the Catalan Ministry of Justice.

La ordenación del caos (Order from Chaos)
Mounir (Spain)

La tierra no es de nadie. ¿Cuándo deja uno de ser inmigrante? (The earth belongs to no-one. When does one stop being an immigrant?)
José González Morandi (Spain)

Nacemos, crecemos, moriremos (We're born, We Grow, We'll Die)
Juan Carlos Aparicio (Spain)

Sombras (Shadows)
José González Morandi, Grupo de Teatro Imagen del Centre Penitenciari de Quatre Camins (Spain)

Take the Word 'Revolution' out of Your Dictionary
Rodrigo Lanza (Spain)

Un mundo frágil, manipulable, desechable (A Fragile, Easy Manipulated, Disposable World)
Ildefonso Jodar (Spain)

Un pas endavant, un pas enrere (One Step Forwards, One Step Back)
Joan Talens (Spain)


All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

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