11 - 19 November 2011

Hall Screen

L'Alternativa proposes

This section comprises seven programmes put together exclusively by l'Alternativa for the Hall Screen: a rich tapestry of international films and videos for all audiences, although perhaps not for all tastes. Eccentricities, conviction, genius, documentary, criticism, humour, observation and intimate visions. Pure eclecticism for curious eyes.

Sweet Vitriol

Sharp, creative visions.

Session 1 (55')

Apele Tac (Silent River)
Anca Miruna Lazarescu (Germany / Romania)

Nicolas Lemée (France)

La France qui se lève tôt (Early Rising France)
Hugo Chesnard (France)

Une vie (A Life)
Emmanuel Bellegarde (France)

White Tape
Michal Kranot, Uri Kranot (Denmark / Israel)

Session 2 (47')

El bazar solidario (The Charity Bazaar)
Zeltia Outeiriño, Aleix Cortès (Spain)

Session 3 (60')

L'invention des jours heureux (Inventing Happy Days)
Sandrine Dumas (France)

Casus belli
Yorgos Zois (Greece / France)

Jeannine M.
Grégoire Lemoine (France)

La revuelta de Donadío (The Uprising in Donadío)
Carmen Colino (Spain)

Pablo Remon (Spain / United States)

28.IV.81 (Descending Figures)
Christopher Harris (United States)

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Life Variations

Lives, travels, moments, meetings.

Session 1 (70')

Color perro que huye (Colour Runaway Dog)
Andrés Duque (Spain)

Session 2 (86')

Ray's Birds
Deborah Stratman (United States / United Kingdom)

Odysseus' Gambit
Alex Lora (United States / Spain)

Yoonah Nam (United Kingdom)

La table aux chiens (Kathakali) (The Table with the Dogs (Kathakali))
Cédric Martinelli, Julien Touati (France / India)

Edmund u Knezevcu (Free State of Edmund)
Luka Popadic (Switzerland / Serbia and Montenegro)

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Heterosexualities and other Tales (42')

A series of zesty variations on the tales we are told and those we tell ourselves.

La version du loup (Wolf's Version)
Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni (Belgium)

Conversation Piece
Joe Tunmer (United Kingdom)

L'amour à trois (Love for Three)
Chiara Malta (France)

Galeria (Gallery)
Robert Proch (Poland)

Love Birds
Brian Lye (Czech Republic)

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Laugh? I Nearly Died...

Sit back and enjoy.

Session 1 (60')

Dans l'ombre (In the Shadow)
Fabrice Mathieu (France)

The Astronaut on the Roof
Sergi Portabella (Germany)

Cuki Colorinchi EVOLUTION
Eduardo del Olmo (Spain)

Los 4 McNifikos
Tucker Dávila Wood (Spain)

Res a dir (Nothing to Say)
Jordi Celma Domènech (Spain)

Your Highness
Max Hattler (Germany / United Kingdom)

Nature's Voice
Peter J. Laugesen (United Kingdom)

End Transmission
Yin-Ju Chen, James T. Hong (Taiwan / Netherlands / Germany)

Max Hattler (France / United Kingdom / Germany)

Session 2 (34')

Das Haus (The House)
David Buob (Germany)

Swimming Pool
Alexandra Hetmerova (Czech Republic)

How to Deal with Nonsense
Veronica Solomon (Germany / Romania)

Chroniques de la poisse (Sticky Ends)
Osman Cerfon (France)

Matter Fisher
David Prosser (United Kingdom)

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Framed Sensibility (30')

Seven pieces by Luminous, Delicate, Nostalgic & Company emerge before your very eyes.

And skim (And Skim)
Tsai Hsuan-Kang (Taiwan)

Canción del antes de morir (Song before Dying)
Pere Ginard, Laura Ginès AKA Laboratorium (Spain)

Fruit Flies
Christine Lucy Latimer (Canada)

Hondoko itsasoa (Undertow)
Isabel Herguera, Vuk Jevremovic, Carlos Santa, Cecilia Traslaviña, Juan Camilo González (Spain / Colombia / United States)

...niland 2
Marius Leneweit, Rocío Rodríguez (Germany / Spain)

R Seymore Goes North
Rhayne Vermette (Canada)

Omokage (Remains)
Maki Satake (Japan)

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Unique Paradises

Worlds constantly being taken down and rebuilt.

Session 1 (62')

La Hortúa
Andrés Chaves (Colombia)

Kerstin Gramberg (Germany)

Asfalto e terra vermelha (Asphalte et terre rouge) (Asphalt And Red Earth)
Antoine d'Artemare, Camila Freitas (France)

Session 2 (62')

The Origin of Creatures
Floris Kaayk (Netherlands)

Puhelinkoppi (1882-2007)
Hope Tucker (Finland / United States)

Slow Derek
Daniel Ojari (United Kingdom)

Into the Middle of Nowhere
Anna Frances Ewert (United Kingdom / Germany)

Les lumières du Châtelet (Lights of Silence)
Romina Arraya (Switzerland)

Elegie de Port-au-Prince (Elegy for Port-au-Prince)
Aïda Maigre-Touchet (France / Canada)

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Con-fusions (40')

Blurred identities. Shattered certainties.

Deux Inconnus (The Strange Ones)
Lauren Wolkstein, Christopher Radcliff (France)

Weiß kein weiß (White no White)
Anna Bergmann alias Samo (Germany)

The Multitude is Feverish
Vika Kirchenbauer (Germany)


All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

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