20 - 25 November 2012
The Phantom of the Cinema
Liminal Introspect
Prietenul meu e un nor

Hall Screen


On the Hall Screen we are once again showing work from similarly minded festivals.

Anim'est | International Animation Film Festival

Anim'est is the only international animation film festival in Romania. It has seven competitive categories, it screens 450 shorts and features and gathers an audience of around 20,000.

Zgomot alb (White Noise)
Marius Pandele (Romania)

Prietenul meu e un nor (My Friend is a Cloud)
Anton Octavian (Romania)

Liminal Introspect
Mircea Purdea (Romania)

Make Love, Not Sex
Szócs Tamás (Romania)

How to Deal with Nonsense
Veronica Solomon (Romania / Germany)

Roxana Benţu (Romania)

The Scream
Sebastian Cosor (Romania)

Vlad Sandu (Romania)

Keha mälu (Body Memory)
Ülo Pikkov (Estonia)

The Phantom of the Cinema
Erik van Schaaik (Netherlands)

The External World
David O'Reilly (Germany)

All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

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