20 - 25 November 2012
Please, Revolution
Little Heaven
La huella
Nobody's Fool
Arts + Crafts Spectacular #2
Faraw ka taama
La lutte n'est pas pour tous.
The Paris Quintet in Practice Makes Perfect

Hall Screen

L'Alternativa proposes

This section comprises 6 programmes put together exclusively by l'Alternativa for the Hall Screen: a rich tapestry of international films and videos for all audiences, although perhaps not for all tastes. Eccentricities, conviction, genius, documentary, criticism, humour, observation and intimate visions. Pure eclecticism for curious eyes.

More wood...(86') WED21 SAT24

...it's war! Films to watch head on.

Muški film (Real Man's Film)
Nebojša Slijepčević (Croatia)

Alexei Dmitriev (Russia)

We'll Become Oil
Mihai Grecu (France)

Octobre noir ou Malek, Saïd, Karim et les autres... (October 1961)
Florence Corre and Aurel (France)

Bon Voyage
Fabio Friedli (Switzerland)

The Devil
Jean-Gabriel Périot (France)

Filastine, Simona Malatesta, Stefano Casella, Miki Arregui Videocratz (Spain / Egypt / Tunisia / Greece)

Please, Revolution
Lluís Escartin (Spain / Egypt)

In Search of Paradise

Communities exploring the realms of their own utopias.

SESSION 1 (85') WED21

La lutte n’est pas pour tous… (Struggle isn’t for Everybody)
Guillaume Kozakiewiez (France)

SESSION 2 (70') TH22

Little Heaven
Lieven Corthouts (Belgium)

SESSION 3 (65') FRI23

Where She Stood in the First Place
Lindsay McIntyre (Canada)

Christmas in Icaria
Daniel García, Aurelio Medina (Spain)

Richard Wiebe (United States / Canada)

Traces(74') WED21 SUN25

Delving into the past to uncover hidden traces.

Schwester Gretel #2 - Flucht (Nurse Gretel #2 - Escape)
Barbara Hlali (Germany)

La huella (The Imprint)
Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski (France)

Two Islands
Jan Ijäs (Finland)

Polvo (Dust)
Angela Reginato (United States / Mexico)

Music All(41') WED21 SAT24

Audiovisual jewels that play with music and images to make them chime.

Matthijs Vlot (Netherlands)

The Paris Quintet in Practice Makes Perfect
Benjamin Schuetze (Canada / France)

Marie//Más allá
Enrique Piñuel (Spain)

La vuelta
Portmann Marius (Switzerland)

Nobody's Fool
Alexandra Kardinar, Volker Schlecht (Germany)

Sweet Mov(i)e
Jan Ijäs (Finland)

James Pomeroy (Canada)

No Step
Miki Arregui Videocratz (Spain)

Max Hattler (Germany / United Kingdom)

Fantasies and Nightmares(51') Vi23 SAT24

Films from a hazy place somewhere between waking and dreaming.

Dell'ammazzare il maiale (On Killing the Pig)
Simone Massi (Italy)

Faraw ka taama (Journey of Stones)
Seydou Cissé (France)

Puentes (Bridges)
Enrique Piñuel (Spain)

Frühzug (Morning Train)
Delia Hess (Switzerland)

Piirongin Piiloissa (Chest of Drawers)
Sanni Lahtinen (Finland)

Orpheus' Pony
Michael Fragstein (Germany)

Vertige (Vertigo)
Christophe Gautry, Mathieu Brisebras (France / Belgium)

Messed-up beasties(43') FRI23 SAT24 SUN25

Twisted drawings and tightened screws.

The Great Rabbit
Atsushi Wada (France)

Arts + Crafts Spectacular #2
Wolf & Ritterskamp (Germany)

El oso verde (The Green Bear)
Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Köperl (Spain / Germany)

The Banker
Phil Mulloy (United Kingdom)

Stephen Irwin (United Kingdom)

Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti (We may meet, we may not)
Skirmanta Jakaite (Lithuania)

Sponge Ideas
Katarzyna Nalewajka, Paulina Szewczyk (Poland)

The Whale Story
Tess Martin (United States)

All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

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