20 - 25 November 2012
El llanto de la tierra
Sueños de barrio. Topmanta
Filastrocche di mare

Hall Screen

Image Didactics

Initiatives that work with audiovisual education and training as a tool for knowledge, exchange, reflection and criticism.

Universidad Veracruzana(45') WED21 TH22

"When went back to my native Veracruz I had to rethink my vision of this rural and urban land with indigenous and mixed-race people that looks out over the Atlantic for 700 km. I decided to guide the vision of other people who created almost fifty shorts revealing a captivating insight into their world." Ricardo Benett.

In collaboration with: Universidad Veracruzana & Centro de las Artes Indígenas

Camino abajo (Road Downhill)
Lázaro Olmedo (Mexico)

Día festivo (Holiday)
Eber García (Mexico)

El llanto de la tierra (Mother Earth's Cry)
Lucio Olmos (Mexico)

Voladora (Flying Dancer)
Chloe Campero (Mexico)

ZaLab(45') SAT24

ZaLab runs participatory video and documentary workshops in intercultural contexts and socially deprived situations in less accessible locations. Zalab workshops are aimed at people who don't usually express themselves through video and therefore have an original take on reality.

In collaboration with: ZaLab & Escola Popular de Cinema.

Palestina. Sueño de mar (Palestine - Seaside Dreams)
Nawafeth Youth Forum, Biddu (Italy / Palestine)

Atelier Marionnettes
Taller El Jem (Spain / Italy / Turkey)

Sueños de barrio. Telaraña (Neighbourhood Dreams, Weaving Webs)
Taller Gòtic de l'Escola Popular de Cinema de Barcelona (Spain)

Sueños de barrio. Topmanta (Neighbourhood Dreams, Illegal Street Vendors)
Taller Raval de l'Escola Popular de Cinema de Barcelona (Spain)

Sueños de barrio. Venganza (Neighbourhood Dreams, Revenge)
Taller Ribera de l'Escola Popular de Cinema de Barcelona (Spain)

Teatre comunitari al barri de Sant Pere (Sant Pere Neighbourhood Community Theatre)
Alberto Bougleux, Escola Popular de Cinema de Barcelona (Spain)

Filastrocche di mare (Sea Rhymes)
Escuela primaria, isla de Salina (Sicilia) (Italy)

All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

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