11 - 19 November 2011

Film Schools of the World

Spotlight Section ELO

The ELO is the only university film school in Finland. It aims to familiarise students with artistic and research processes and practices in the fields of cinema, scenography and costume design and bring new perspectives to bear on the art forms they represent.

Tuition and research follow artistic and pedagogical traditions and promote creativity and new forms of expression.

Saara Toivanen
ELO Helsinki Film School
Film Festival Office
Hämeentie 135 C
FI-00560 Helsinki, Finland
+358 50 331 7754 saara.toivanen@aalto.fi

AALTO UNIVERSITY School of Art and Design ELO Helsinki Film School

Selected Films

Session 1 (56') / MONDAY 14

Aina kunnollinen (Always Decent)
Katja Pällijeff (Finland)

Oliwia Tonteri (Finland)

Session 2 (44') / SATURDAY 12

Miten marjoja poimitaan (How to Pick Berries)
Elina Talvensaari (Finland)

Zupa (Soup)
Maira Dobele (Finland / Latvia)