11 - 19 November 2011

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Storyteller. Patricio Guzmán

Nostalgia de la luz (Nostalgia for the Light)
Patricio Guzmán
France / Germany / Chile, 2010
Digibeta SP PAL/NTSC | 90min. | Colour | VOSI

Production: Renate Sachse
Screenplay: Patricio Guzmán
Photography: Katell Djian
Editor: Patricio Guzmán, Emmanuelle Joly
Music: Miranda & Tobar
Sound: Freddy González



Astronauts from all over the world gather in the Atacama desert in Chile (3000 m above sea level) to watch the stars. Below, the dry earth preserves human remains intact: mommies, explorers, adventurers, natives, miners and skeletons of political prisoners from the dictatorship. Whilst the astronauts search for extraterrestrial life, a group of women look for their relatives.


Cannes 2010
Best European Documentary - European Film Academy 2010
Audience Award - Toronto 2010
Prix Age d'Or - Bruxelles 2010
Mejor Documental - Guadalajara 2011