L'Alternativa presents

L'Alternativa presents

This section comprises eleven programmes put together exclusively by l'Alternativa for the Hall Screen: a rich tapestry of international films and videos for all audiences, although perhaps not for all tastes. Eccentricities, conviction, genius, documentary, criticism, humour, observation and intimate visions.

Pure eclecticism for curious eyes.

Minor Symphonies

Who said musicals were dead?

It's Nick's Birthday
Graeme Cole (United Kingdom)

Anton Setola (Belgium)

Salise Hughes (United States)

B-series. The Return

Citizens, citizens... Quake in your boots! The atomic age has begun anew.

a.k.a. Familia Nuclear (a.k.a. Nuclear Family)
Marc Igual Arnau (Spain)

Catastrophe Tourists
Tamas Bojtor (United States)

Die Schneider Krankheit (Schneider's Disease)
Javier Chillon (Spain)

A Little Night Vitriol

"Take my breath awaaaaaay..."

Balloon Tunes 1
Matilda Tristram (United Kingdom)

Balloon Tunes 2
Matilda Tristram (United Kingdom)

Divertiment (Amusement)
Aurora Gasull Altisent (Spain)

Flight of the Bumble Bee
Matilda Tristram (United Kingdom)

God Moves on the Water
Erik Bünger (Sweden)

Per fare un tavolo
lemeh42 (Italy)

Matilda Tristram (United Kingdom)

Tolibu Dibu Dauchyu
Boris Despodov (Bulgaria)

Worm Songs 1: Take My Breath Away
Matilda Tristram (United Kingdom)

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Framed Sensibility

Six Luminous, Delicate, Nostalgic pieces emerge before your very eyes and take on a life beyond film.

Cómo dibujar animales tristes o cuaderno de todas las cosas vivas y muertas que imaginé la noche que te fuiste para siempre (How to draw sad animals or a notebook of all the living and dead things I thought of the night you left for ever)
Pere Ginard & Laura Ginès (Laboratorium) (Spain)

My Tears Are Dry
Laida Lertxundi (United States)

Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland)

S.N. via senza nome casa senza numero (S.N. No Name)
Cosimo Terlizzi (Italy)

Somewhere between Here and There
Liss Platt (Canada)

Variations sur Marilou (Variations on Marilou)
Félix Dufour-Laperrière (France)

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Making Ends Meet

Masterpieces spun like a spider's web: fine threads woven together to form a beautiful yet deadly whole.

Taller de animación de Arteleku (Spain)

Mihai Grecu (France)

Freude (Delight)
Thomas Draschan (Austria)

Pia Borg (United Kingdom)

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Sweet Vitriol

Critical, creative visions.

El empleo (Employment)
Santiago (Argentina)

Kaupunkilaisia (Citizens)
Juho Kuosmanen (Finland)

La mujer barbuda y la teta en Barcelona (The Bearded Woman and the Breast in Barcelona)
Dones Llop (Spain)

Lögner (Lies)
Jonas Odell (Sweden)

Bergmans Stéphane (Belgium)

Christophe Calissoni, Eva Offrédo (France)

Robe de guerre (Robes of War)
Michelle Cournoyer (Canada)

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No comment.

Arbeit für Alle (Full Employment)
Thomas Oberlies, Matthias Vogel (Germany)

Barbee Butcher
Sophie Lagues (Czech Republic)

Baltazar Rodes (Spain)

Rabbit Punch
Kristian Andrews (United Kingdom)

Sagan om den lille Dockpojken (The Tale of Little Puppetboy)
Johannes Nyholm (Sweden)

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Life Variations

Lives, travels, moments, meetings.

7 More Minutes
Izabela Plucinska (Germany)

Allons-y! Alonzo!
Camille Moulin Dupré (France)

Between Dreams
Iris Olsson (France)

Boulevard Océan
Céline Novel (France)

Flores em vida (Flowers in Life)
Rodrigo T. Marques, Eduardo Consonni (Brazil)

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Laugh? I Nearly Died...

Sit back and enjoy.

First Place
Joji Koyama (United Kingdom)

Fly on the Window
Nikita Diakur (United Kingdom)

Kuolema keltaisessa talossa (Death in the Yellow House)
Anna Virtanen (Finland)

Ayce Kartal (Turkey)

Missed Aches
Joanna Priestley (United States)

My Girlfriend Sleeps Like Superman
Steve Gentile (United States)

Roof Sex
PES (United States)

The Seductive Art of Catalonian Sex
Queralt Antú Serrano Porredon (Spain)

The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper's Mother
Felix Massie (United Kingdom)

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Fantasies and Nightmares

Films from a murky place somewhere between waking and dreaming.

Drömmar från skogen (Dreams from the Woods)
Johannes Nyholm, Andreas Jonsson Hay (Sweden)

El hombre muerto (Dead Man)
Julián Goyoaga (Uruguay)

Les cowboys n'ont pas peur de mourir (Cowboys Don't Cry)
Annelaure Daffis, Léo Marchand (France)

Mi vida en tus manos (My Life in Your Hands)
Nuno Beato (Portugal)

Milovan Circus
Gerlando Infuso (Belgium)

Paix sur la terre (Peace on Earth)
Christophe Gérard (France)

Rafael Sommerhalder (United Kingdom)

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Animate Shapes, Inhabited Textures

The world beats behind forms.

Granica (Border)
Eni Brandner (Austria)

Hanasaari A
Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen (Finland)

Motu proprio
Marie Cerise (France)

Saltos (Jumps)
Grogorio Graziosi (Brazil)

Joerg Wagner (Germany)

Without You
Tal Rosner (United Kingdom)

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