This year we open the Hall windows to welcome very different offerings from:


CineTransEurope is a joint project between five European film festivals that aims to promote complex, enigmatic, experimental filmmaking that rebels against standards and norms to paint its own unique picture of reality.

This year l'Alternativa presents:

Signes de Nuit

Address Unknown
Guo Xiaolu (China)

Dancing Was the Only Way of Avoiding Deafness
Anthony Abou Khalifé, Jean-Noël Aoun (Lebanon)

Fone für Follies
Vivian Ostrovsky (France)

Luna zero
Antonello Matarazzo (Italy)

Rapsódia de Absurdo (Rhapsody of the Absurd)
Claudia Nunes (Brazil)

The Apology Line
James Lees (United Kingdom)

Wolf Lake
Michael W. Smith (Canada)


EMAF - European Media Art Festival

Falsche Freunde
Sylvia Schedelbauer (Germany)

Neil Beloufa (France)

Plot Point
Nicolas Provost (Belgium)

Rauschen & Brausen I
Daniel Burkhardt (Germany)

Take into the Air My Quiet Qreath
Julia Meltzer, David Thorne (United States)

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AFX - Amsterdam Film Experience

Cheer Me Up Thank You - Video for New Buffalo
Ryan & Sverre (Netherlands)

Din of Celestial Birds
E. Elias Merhige (United States)

Thorsten Fleisch (Germany)

Jan van Nuenen (Netherlands)

Lacus Temporis
Bret Battey (United Kingdom)

Matter in Motion
Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt (United Kingdom)

Pneuma Monoxyd
Thomas Koener (Germany)

Thee Wreckers: No Place Like Home
Rosto A.D (Netherlands)

Undisclosed Beauty
Anders Weberg (Sweden)

White Noise
Dennis Miller (United States)

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Cork Film Festival

Todd Herman (United States)

Paddy Jolley (Ireland)

Playing Up
Ian Helliwell (United Kingdom)

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