Basilio Martín Patino: Freedom and Independence

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Los paraísos perdidos (Paradises Lost)
Basilio Martín Patino
Spain, 1985
35mm | 94min. | Colour
Production: José Luis García Sánchez

Photography: José Luis Alcaine
Editor: Pablo del Amo
Screenplay: Basilio Martín Patino
Music: Carmelo Bernaola
Actors: Charo López, Alfredo Landa, Miguel Narros, Juan Diego, Ana Torrent, Francisco Rabal
A woman returns to the place of her childhood in a Castilian town after growing up in the void following the Spanish Civil War. On her return, she faces the death of her mother, confronts places and people who made up her world before exile and discovers the possible fate of her late father's legacy. Whilst she is recovering her past, she translates Hölderlin's Hyperion, which channels her thoughts on ‘paradises lost': the forbidden future, exile, uprooting, the possibility of keeping hope alive.
Mostra de Venecia, 1985