15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Del otro lado



Following the Colombian Peace Accords, the war between the FARC and the Colombian government appeared to be over, but the situation in the country was far from stable. Iván Guarnizo and his brother began investigating the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of their mother, who was held captive in the jungle for almost two years. After reading the diary she was permitted to write during her captivity, they discovered that she had developed an almost mother-and-son relationship with her captor. Now that most of the guerrillas had surrendered their arms, they decided to set off in search of him. They identified places, decoded names and embarked on a journey through jungles and mountains following a trail of sorrow. Before she died, their mother had told them that she had forgiven him. At the end of their quest, the two brothers wonder whether or not they too will be able to forgive.


Iván Guarnizo (Colombia) studied filmmaking in Cuba (EICTV), New York (New York Film Academy) and Barcelona (CECC) and has since worked as director of photography and, above all, editor of both shorts and features, including Jorge Caballero's Paciente and Hermes Paralluelo's No todo es vigilia. The documentary Del otro lado is his directorial debut.