15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Dos días en un campo de refugiados



A portrait of everyday life in a refugee camp in the Beqaa Valley, in the Lebanon, which is home to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Over the course of two days, the camera observes the people and situations it comes across. This film was made possible thanks the support of the NGO Alkària, which has built a school for camp residents, among other projects.


Guillem Almirall (Barcelona, 1993) studied filmmaking at the ECIB in 2013. His films include the short La paciencia del agua (2016), among others. He later set up the El Ojo Tranquilo collective to produce his new projects. He draws no line between fiction and documentary and sees filmmaking as a meditative experience for connecting with the present and understabnding other realities.