15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Ellas [provisional]

Mentoring projects


What happens when a photo album bursts out of the private realm to be exhibited in public? Flor, Juli, Paqui, Micky, Merche and Sagrario share their life stories through the pages of their albums. Loneliness, sex, illness, abuse, the gypsy race, the colour of one's skin... Some of the silences of the Barrios Altos neighbourhood in Bilbao, erased places where life breaks through.


Ainhoa Resano graduated in audiovisual communication and has an MA in art and photography. As a multidisciplinary artist and photographer, she has taken part in numerous solo exhibitions and photography contests. She created and coordinates the Ellas project.
Ione Atenea graduated in fine arts and has an MA in photography and creative documentary making. Her films Enero and 24/07 have been screened at Gijón, Las Palmas, l'Alternativa and Punto de Vista, among others.