15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Satellites: Oskar Alegria



This year, three acclaimed Spanish filmmakers whose paths have often crossed with l’Alternativa have accepted our invitation to give a seminar or masterclass and curate a programme of films of their own or by likeminded filmmakers who explore similar creative universes.

Oskar Alegria (Pamplona, 1973) will take us on an experimental cinematic journey through a series of doorways: front doors in El otro día (Ignacio Agüero, 2012), a gateway to dreams in Les Films rêvés (Eric Pauwels, 2010) and mysteries behind tightly closed doors in Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo (Yulene Olaizola, 2008). We shall also be rescreening his feature films and showing four of his shorts for the first time at the festival: Hotza (2018), La lengua de los dioses (2018), Aritzakoa (2020) and Erleketa (2020).

His work has won plaudits and prizes at festivals worldwide and l’Alternativa has screened a number of his films over the last decade, including his debut feature, Emak Bakia baita (2012), his project The Darkness Collection (2015) and his latest documentary feature, Zumiriki (2019). Alongside making and programming films and lecturing in screenwriting, Oskar Alegria was also artistic director of Punto de Vista festival between 2013 and 2016. His publications include TIME, on the relationship between time and filmmaking, and Oteiza al margen, on Basque filmmaker Jorge Oteiza

This programme of films ties in with Oskar Alegria’s two-day seminar The Tempo of Closing Doors.

Feature Films

Little Steps (62')

In collaboration with
Filmoteca de Catalunya
ECIB | Escuela de cine de Barcelona