11-17 NOV. 2019

Shelter: Farewell to Eden


Pepsi plays the role of a 21st-century, transgender Joan of Arc, standing up for human rights and helping the most marginalised communities seek asylum. After being persecuted for her homosexuality, she escaped from the Muslim military camp she grew up in and worked as a nurse in Gaddafi’s Libya for over ten years, until continued discrimination forced her to join the flow of refugees. As she passes through an undefined international landscape, she somehow finds the strength to tell her story, a postcolonial fable which—much like its anonymous protagonist—constantly shifts between different identities. Video, 16 mm film and iPhone footage make up a phantom image of life in the urban underground and a paint a stark portrait of European boundaries.


Enrico Masi (Bologna, 1983) studied at the University of Bologna, where he later worked making films for scientific essays. In 2014 he founded the production company Caucaso Factory. His debut feature, The Golden Temple (2012), premiered at the Venice Film Festival. His work focuses on postmodern and postcolonial dynamics, all the while experimenting with urban phenomenology, hybrid cinema and sound.