11 - 19 November 2011

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Nonfiction Feature Films

Day is Done
Thomas Imbach
Switzerland, 2011
Blu-Ray | 111min. | Colour | German | VOSI, VOSC

Production: Andrea Staka / Okofilm Productions GmbH
Screenplay: Thomas Imbach, Patrizia Stot
Editor: Gion-Reto Killias, Tom La Bell
Music: Balz Bachmann and the Day is Done Band

Contact: info@okofilm.ch +41 442405856



There’s a man behind a camera looking for an image – but of what? Himself? The world? Society? A series of messages left on the filmmaker's answer phone and shots of Zurich's changing cityscape not only tell the story of a life, but also reveal a slice of contemporary history.


Thomas Imbach (1962) founded Okofilm with Andrea Staka, and together they have made a number of films screened at festivals around the world, including Well Done (1994), Ghetto (1997) Happiness is a Warm Gun (2001) and I Was a Swiss Banker (2007).


Berlinale Forum 2011
Honorable Mention - Planet Doc Warsaw 2011