Roundtable: Music and Film


Music and film have always had close ties, complementing and mutually enriching each other to the extent that the fusion of both forms of artistic creation is one way of viewing the seventh art. Although some filmmakers have resisted the ‘interference’ of music in their personal approach to making films, the vast majority have accepted music as an integral part of the process, either with resignation (John Ford, Luis Buñuel), naturally (Akira Kurosawa, Jean Renoir, Pier Paolo Pasolini), or as a question of pure narrative necessity (Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Sergio Leone and the vast majority of film greats).

When combined with moving images, music becomes film, which is how movies manage to balance two scripts: the screenplay and the score, which may be synchronised or contradictory, but together make up a whole without which we would be unable to recognise films as we know them today.

Wednesday 18 November
7.30 pm
Sala Mirador, CCCB
Free entry

At l'Alternativa we shall be joined by composer Fernando Velázquez, who has written soundtracks for several films, including the acclaimed El orfanato and Conrado Xalabarder, a recognised specialist and author of several books on music in film, who also writes for several publications, teaches soundtracks at the audiovisual communication departments at Vic and Pompeu Fabra Universities, and set up the MundoBSO website.

We shall discuss the role of music in film with these three experts.

Además de dar a conocer proyectos y nuevas posibilidades de cooperación, queremos fomentar el diálogo entre los profesionales con el fin de abrir nuevos caminos a un cine comprometido y de autor. Contamos con tu presencia.


  1. Fernando Velázquez, soundtrack composer
  2. Conrado Xalabarder, specialist on music in film