Romanian Film Before and After 1989


We have organised this roundtable in response to the recent keen interest shown by critics and the public alike in a series of acclaimed Romanian films that have won awards at a number of festivals. Romanian professionals and filmmakers will discuss the origins and cultural references that led to this particular personal language and the development of a kind of filmmaking with its own clear identity. We shall be joined by director Corneliu Porumboiu, producer Ada Solomon, critic Mihai Chirilov, and Horia Barna, coordinator of the project and director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid.

Talent and creativity from a group of filmmakers who spurn labels, refuse to be pigeonholed and don’t form part of any movement, but whose work nonetheless shares some features in common, including an almost documentary-like realism and a direct narrative style. Their films dissect the last thirty years in the history of their country in a realistic fashion with the odd dash of black humour through stories told in short spaces of time with everyday characters.

This roundtable complements the parallel section Romanian Film: before and after 1989, which contains a selection of seven films offering a rich and varied example of this remarkable cinema.

Tuesday 17 November
7.30 pm
Sala Mirador, CCCB
Free entry


  1. Corneliu Porumboiu, film director
  2. Ada Solomon, producer
  3. Mihai Chirilov, film critic
  4. Horia Barna, director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid and vice-president of EUNIC Spain


  1. Àlex Navarro, director of Media Antena Catalunya

In collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid.