Romanian Film Before and After 1989

Parallel Sections
Secvenţe (Sequences)
Alexandru Tatos
Romania, 1982
35mm | 98min. | Colour

Photography: Florin Mihăilescu
Screenplay: Alexandru Tatos
Actors: Geo Barton, Ion Vīlcu, Emilia Dobrin Besoiu, Mircea Diaconu
Secvenţe comprises three episodes, each involving a camera crew at various moments in a film production. The crew's relationships, problems, etc. form an intriguing counterpoint to the narrative being created by the director. Art imitates life... or is it the other way round? Full of provocative political metaphors and rich in insights into the dynamics of filmmaking, Secvenţe is a powerful meditation on the role of the arts in rigidly controlled society.