Fiction Feature

Woman on Fire Looks for Water
Woo Ming Jin
Malaysia / South Korea, 2009
35mm | 96min. | Colour | VOSC | VOSI

GreenLight Pictures ([email protected])

Woo Ming Jin
Wan Chun Hung
Edmund Yeo
Isabel Lam
Chong Shun Yuan, Chung Kok Keong, Foo Fei Ling, Jerrica Lai

Woman on Fire Looks for Water tells the story of a father and son in a Malaysian coastal village, and the relationship with the women in their lives. Ah Fei sells frogs from his motorbike and faces a dilemma about the woman he should marry, while his father, Ah Kan, part of a dying breed of fishermen, goes looking for the lover he should have married years ago. The film follows these two characters as they tackle longing, and the cycle which exists between parent and child, like an inevitable destiny. 

Bio / Filmo

Woo Ming Jin (Ipoh, Malasia, 1976) studied Film and TV production at the San Diego State University. He has directed short films, music videos and the feature films Monday Morning Glory (2005), The Elephant and the Sea (2007) and The Tiger Factory (2010). 


Pusan International Film Festival 2009
66 Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica 2009
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010
San Francisco International Film Festival 2010