12-18 November 2018

L'Alternativa Hall

Hall Focus: 25 Years in 25 Shorts

This section within l’Alternativa Hall looks at a particular issue in depth at the same time every day during the festival.

To mark l’Alternativa’s 25th birthday, we have selected 25 shorts screened at the festival over the last quarter-century. Not only as a celebration, but also as a way of looking back and seeing how the short-film format has evolved for filmmakers, the festival and audiences alike. In addition to rescreening the films, we shall also be exploring different aspects of short films that made an impression on us as programmers over the years, joined by some of the directors who have played such a valuable part in making l’Alternativa what it is today.



L’Alternativa and Nook have teamed up to whet festivalgoers’ appetite before the opening night by putting together a surprise programme of 12 short films from the section Hall Focus: 25 Years in 25 Shorts. A celebration not only of our own milestone but also of this incredibly versatile form of expression.

Surprise programme (12 films, 87) — 10/11 20 h. Screening at Nook

Session 6 (30') 18/11, 21h

Surprise selection

Programa sorpresa