13-19 November 2017

L'Alternativa 2017


Festival Prize for Best Feature Film in l’Alternativa Official

Eugenio Canevari
Eugenio Canevari studied film in Buenos Aires and, after working on several film shoots in Argentina, travelled to Brussels and Barcelona to continue studying photography and film. His short film Gorila Baila has won a clutch of awards at festivals; his first feature, Paula, premiered at the 63rd San Sebastián Festival and competed in the Official Section at the 23rd edition of l’Alternativa.

Carlota Moseguí
After graduating in humanities, Carlota Moseguí worked as a film correspondent at festivals in Spain and overseas for Otros Cines Europa and Cineuropa. She currently curates contemporary film at La Casa Encendida cultural centre in Madrid La Casa Encendida.

Joan Sala
Joan Sala worked as a content editor at Manga Films and Cameo before becoming commissioning editor at Filmin, the benchmark VoD portal for independent film in Spain, Mexico and Portugal. He covers the leading European film festivals for Filmin and is a curator for the Atlántida Film Fest, the first online film festival in Spain.

Festival Prize for Best Short Film in l’Alternativa Official

Núria Aidelman
Núria Aidelman is codirector of Cinema en curs, an international film project for schools and colleges, as well as the other projects run by the association A Bao A Qu. She lectures in film and photography at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She has written several articles for group books and other publications and cowrote Jean-Luc Godard. Pensar entre imágenes. She was a curator at Xcèntric and Gandules at the CCCB between 2003 and 2011.

Ana Pfaff
Ana Pfaff is a film editor. Many of the films she has edited have won plaudits at festivals in Spain and overseas, including Carla Simón’s Estiu 1993, Adrián Orr’s Niñato, Marcos M. Merino’s ReMine, and Carolina Astudillo’s El gran vuelo. She lectures and gives workshops for several master’s and postgraduate courses. As a filmmaker she is a founding member of the Dostopos collective..

Marcel Pié Barba
Filmmaker Marcel Pié Barba lectures at the Fine Arts School at the Universitat de Barcelona and the Escola Massana and teaches classes for the Master’s Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary Making at the UAB. He is a founding member of Taller Estampa SCP and L’Automàtica association. His work focuses on the field of experimental audiovisual creation and takes a critical look at past and present image technology and interactive tools.

Critics Award for Best Feature Film in l’Alternativa Official

Carlos Balbuena
Carlos Balbuena graduated in filmmaking from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) and is currently an editor for the digital magazine contrapicado.net. His films include the two features Cenizas (2014) and Elefantes (2017).

Víctor Blanes Picó
Víctor Blanes Picó is a journalist and film critic. He is a member of the editorial team at El Antepenúltimo Mohicano and is a regular contributor to Sofilm and MK2 magazines. He is also a specialist in audiovisual translation.

Marina Laboreo Roig
Marina Laboreo Roig graduated in journalism from the UAB, where she went on to do a Master’s Degree in Literature, Art and Thought. She worked as a secretary for Sofilm and MK2 magazines in Paris. She is currently working on projects in the fields of cultural communication, literary translation and theatre publications.

Don Quixote Prize for Best Feature Film in l'Alternativa Official

Juan Manuel García Ferrer
Juan Manuel Garcia Ferrer is an active member of the Film Society at the Escola d’Enginyers in Barcelona, where he programmes and publishes articles on prominent local filmmakers such as Jacinto Esteva, J.M. Nunes, Antoni Padrós, J.L. Guerin, Joaquín Jordá and Pere Portabella. He has written for film magazines such as Cinema 2002 and Dirigido por. He set up Ombres Mestres, an annual seminar focused on the language of cinema and has worked on the Pier Paolo Pasolini Barcelona project.

Emilia Mazik
Emilia Mazik is a project coordinator at Ad Arte Cultural Foundation, in Poznań, Poland. She works on multiple interdisciplinary projects, including educational activities, film programming and work with the DKF Arte Film Society. She is also a programme coordinator at the Short Waves International Short Film Festival.

Nanjundiaha Shashidhara
Nanjundiaha Shashidhara holds a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from New School in New York. He was a founding secretary of the Society of Short Film Makers and a trustee of Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy in Bangalore. He is also one of the founding members of Bangalore International Film Festival and a longstanding film society activist. He is currently the vice president of the Federation of Film Societies of India.

GAC Award for Best Screenplay in l'Alternativa Panorama

Blanca Escoda Agustí
Blanca Escoda Agustí is an online screenplay tutor at Cineuropa and the screenwriter of several features, including Generation W (2015) and Stray Dogs Run Wild (2014), among others. She also works with the distribution company Outsider Pictures, where she analyses screenplays, and has her own consultancy, which edits screenplays in Spain, the United Kingdom and Latin America.

Daniel Naranjo Sotomayor
Daniel Naranjo Sotomayor is an actor, playwright, stage director and screenwriter. He worked on the plays Pastel de choclo, Pánico escénico and Wonder Boy and wrote the screenplays for the feature film Pequeña Paloma Blanca, the web series Barcelona crisis K-36 and the short film Marcel.

Núria Parera Ciuró
Núria Parera Ciuró is a screenwriter, playwright, writer and screenplay lecturer. She worked on the screenplays for the TV series La Riera (2010), Infidels (2008) and Zoo (2007), among many others. She has also written several plays, including S'acaba el joc (Sala Beckett, 2001), and the songs and lyrics for the cantata Yoko (2014).

Filmic Crater-Lab Award in l'Alternativa Panorama/Hall

Diana Toucedo
Diana Toucedo is a filmmaker, editor and teacher. As an editor she has worked on Isaki Lacuesta’s La noche que no acaba, Alberto Gracia’s O quinto evanxeo de Gaspar Hauser and Fernando Pomares’s La muerte en la Alcarria, among others. As a director and screenwriter, her films include the short Imágenes secretas and the features En todas as mans and Trinta lumes.

Albert Triviño Massó
Albert Triviño Massó is an artist, filmmaker, teachers and curator. Since 2006 he has worked on exhibitions and festivals in London, Barcelona and Toronto. His art and film work encompasses painting, photography, Super 8 and 16 mm. He is currently part of the coordinating and programming team at Zumzeig Cinecooperativa.