13-19 November 2017

Babylonia mon amour

Pierpaolo Verdecchi

Babylonia mon amour (Pierpaolo Verdecchi)
L'Alternativa Hall / Hall Focus - Session 3 / Babylonia mon amour


A journey along the streets of Barcelona through the eyes of a group of young Senegalese with no papers or permits to stay, living in squats and on the street, trying to survive the temptation of Babylonia, a life between perdition and the spiritual resistance to decay.


  • Country Italy, Spain
  • Year 2016
  • Format digital
  • Running time 76 min
  • Image BW
  • Language Wolof, Spanish, Catalan
  • Subtitles Catalan
  • Production company Ops!film
  • Producer Ivan Bormann
  • Actors Pap Moussa, Sabamby Mbaye
  • Contact opsproduzione@gmail.com

Presented by Pap Moussa Paco, Jordi Ambros Hortensi


Thursday 16, 19.00 h — Hall CCCB