14-20 November 2016

L'Alternativa Activities

Roundtable: Amid a Galaxy of Images

L'Alternativa Activities - Roundtable: Amid a Galaxy of Images

The age of the internet has had far-reaching effects on audiovisual work and filmmaking. New forms of production and distribution have not only transformed the way we consume images but also changed our everyday relationship with them. We draw from the constant flow of images online to reinterpret them and make them our own, in digital magazines, hypertext, GIFs and, increasingly, video essays.

What new forms of reading and rereading do these changes make possible? What new categories of audiovisual experience do these practices create? Have they given rise to new production spaces where critical spectators can play an active role in this constant flow of images?


  • Mariana Freijomil (codirector of Cinergia)
  • Andrés Hispano (curator and content creator for Soy cámara)
  • Blanca Margoz (Visual 404)
  • Carles Matamoros (editor of Trànsit)
  • Joan Pons (editor at O Estudio Creativo)

Featuring a visual piece by Aarón Rodríguez Serrano


  • Tuesday 15 November, 7 pm
  • Sala Raval CCCB
  • Free admission
  • Places are limited

Organised by Cinergia