20 - 25 November 2012
Comédie de l'innocence

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Jeanne Balibar

Comédie de l'innocence (Comedy of Innocence)
Raoul Ruiz
France, 2001
35 mm | 102 min | Colour | French | VOSC, VOSI

Production: Antonie et Martine de Clermont-Tonnerre
Screenplay: Raoul Ruiz, Françoise Dumas
Photography: Jacques Bouquin
Editor: Mireille Hannon
Music: Jorge Arriaga
Actors: Isabelle Huppert, Jeanne Balibar, Charles Berlina, Nils Hugon.

Jeanne Balibar


Nine-year-old Camille lives a comfortable life with his family and uses a small video camera to film his surroundings. Ruiz uses these recordings to explore the role of images and sounds in our lives and how we decide which ones to record. A look at the notion of the other that plunges us into an essay on the imagination.