20 - 25 November 2012
Los mejores temas

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Los mejores temas (Greatest Hits)
Nicolás Pereda
Mexico / Canada / Netherlands, 2012
HD | 103 min | Colour | Spanish | VOSI

Production: Sandra Gómez, Maximiliano Cruz / Interior XIII
Screenplay: Nicolás Pereda
Photography: Alejandro Coronado, Pedro Gómez
Editor: Nicolás Pereda
Sound: José Miguel Enriquez
Actors: Teresa Sánchez, Gabino Rodriguez, Luisa Pardo, José Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez

Contact: [email protected] +52 5547536795

Feature Films


Emilio, in his fifties, shows up at the family home after a long absence. His stunned wife and son greet him bitterly. After a couple of days they decide to kick him out, only to find he has already left of his own accord. Drifting between fiction and documentary, Los mejores temas explores aspects of contemporary Mexico and the very process of representation and narrative in film.


Nicolás Pereda (Mexico City, 1982) has an MA in film directing from York University in Toronto. His first feature, ¿Dónde están sus historias? (2007), was screened at l'Alternativa 2007, and his short Entrevista con la tierra (2008) and his feature Perpetuum Mobile (2009) were in the Festival’s Official Sections in 2010. His following feature, Verano de Goliat, won a Special Mention at l'Alternativa 2010.


Festival del Film Locarno 2012