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Interior. Scară de bloc
Interior. Scară de bloc (Interior. Hallway in a Block of Flats )
Ciprian Alexandrescu
Romania, 2007
DVD | 16min. | Colour | VOSC
Production: UNACT - Universidad nacional de arte teatral y cinematografia "I.L. CARAGIALE" ([email protected])

Screenplay: Simona Ghita, Maria Savulescu
Photography: Ilija Zogovski, Roxana Ardelean, Marius Vlad
Editor: Paul Sorin Damian
Sound: Dragos Stanomir, Andrei Constatinescu
Actors: Simona Ghita, Tudor Aaron Istodor, Vlad Ivanov, Gabriel Spahiu
A story which could take place in anybody’s life. A death starts a chain reaction involving the neighbours. A satire of the world we live in based on a true story.