16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online

Tiempos de deseo


Bea’s place in the world is about to change, and she is getting reading to let some things go while trying to imagine what lies ahead. The home being prepared for this great change is a house full of fears. An unexpected sense of loneliness has followed in the wake of her desire to be a lesbian single mother. As her body transforms, the camera alternates between intimacy and distance. Caught up in these swirling changes, Bea struggles to recognise either her old or new self amid floods of doubts about family, love, friendship and the myriad desires that threaten to overwhelm the limits of a private life.


Raquel Marques (Porto, 1979) studied film at the Universidad NOVA in Lisbon and Pompeu Fabra Univeristy in Barcelona. Her films include the shorts O Peso do Horizonte (2011), F(r)icciones entre el trabajo y la vida (2017) and Vecines (Laboratorio Reversible, 2017) and the features A Casa Que Eu Quero (2010) and, together with María Zafra, Arreta (2016).

Her film Mai abans is being screened as part of the Lockdown Movies section at l'Alternativa Hall this year.

⇨ Watch Raquel Marques's introduction to Tiempos de deseo on YouTube.