14-20 November 2016

Dernière Séance (Last Screening)

Laurent Achard

  • Dernière Séance (Laurent Achard)


Lonely, taciturn Sylvain is the projectionist, programmer and cashier at an old local cinema with a dwindling number of customers. Although the picture house’s days are numbered, the cinephile projectionist doggedly continues to screen films. At night, though, he has a very different, macabre obsession. Dernière Séance is a cinematic thriller and ode to cinema that plays with the conventions of the horror genre.


  • Country France
  • Year 2011
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 81 min
  • Image Colour
  • Language French
  • Subtitles Spanish
  • Production company Les Films du Worso
  • Producer Sylvie Pialat
  • Screenplay Laurent Achard, Frédérique Moreau
  • Photography Sabine Lancelin
  • Editor Jean-Christophe Hym
  • Sound Mikael Barre, Xavier Griette
  • Actors Pascal Cervo, Austin Morel, Karole Rocher, Mireille Roussel, Noël Simsolo, Charlotte van Kemmel
  • Contact Institut Français


Festival de Film de Locarno Rotterdam Film Festival


Wednesday 16, 21.00 h — Institut Francès de Barcelona