We run two initiatives to help extend the reach of the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l'Alternativa, beyond the time and place of the Festival itself:

Exchanges & l'Alternativa Takes a Trip

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Programme 1 (67')

Alicia Xcèntrica (Eccentric Alice)
A Home in Progress Film (Spain)

Irudi Mintzatuen Hiztegi Poetikoa (Poetic Dictionary of Spoken Images))
Maider Fernández Iriarte, María Elorza, Aitor Gametxo. Production: Colectivo Villa Dolores (Spain)

Dark Mixer
Hirotoshi Iwasaki (Japan)

Florencia Aliberti (Spain)

Rhus Typhina
Alexandra Moralesova, Georgy Bagdasarov (Czech Republic, Armenia)

The Right Way
Emilio Yebra (Spain)

Camilo Colmenares (Colombia, Germany)

They Call Us the Enemy
Pim Zwier (Netherlands)

SimGyeong (Mirror in Mind)
SeungHee Kim (South Korea)

The Art of Flying
Jan van Ijken (Netherlands)

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